Imperial IPA, 10% ABV

Availability: April – May

Formats: 22oz Bottle, 1/2BBL Keg, 1/6BBL Keg

Our massively hopped strong IPA brewed in celebration of our Anniversary each year.

Using Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe hops and dry-hopping with Columbus, Amarillo and Citra, Anniversary Ale has an intensely hoppy body with fresh tones of pine and citrus. A seasonal release that will satisfy any hop-head who has the pleasure to try it. In addition, we don’t want to make people “wait in line” to try an amazing IPA, so we also bottle it!

UPC Code: 689926000167

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Double  IPA, 11% ABV

Our seasonal Double IPA, Hop-15 has a blend of over seven different varieties of hops, with Mosaic joining the party in 2017. Huge resin notes, balanced with stone fruit and citrus peel character lead to a slightly drying malt finish.

Winner of two silvers at the Great American Beer Festival as well as many other awards, Hop-15 remains one of our most sought after beer.

Availability: July/August

Formats: 19.2oz Can, 1/2BBL Keg, 1/6BBL Keg

UPC Code: 689926100157

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Imperial Stout, 10% ABV

Santa knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. This is one seriously naughty but nice beer.

Santa’s Little Helper, our Imperial Stout, starts with an emphasis on dark cocoa and roasted coffee aromatics. The finish lends hints of sweet crystal malt, warming tones of alcohol and a touch of hops, making a perfect accompaniment to leftover fruit cake and sugar cookies.

Availability: September – October

Formats: 22oz Bottles, 12oz Bottles (4-packs), 1/2BBL Keg, 1/6BBL Keg

UPC Code: 689926001065

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American Pale Ale, 6% ABV

Summer Pale Ale (SPA) is our version of the iconic West Coast style Pale Ale.

Our massively hoppy West Coast-style pale ale, we use Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops to really put our mark on the beer. An initial nose of dankness with some subtle pine, SPA starts with an initial bite from the hops and finishes with a refreshing tangerine-like bitterness. Our SPA is the perfect accompaniment to any summer night activities!

Availability: May – June

Formats: 16oz Can, 1/2BBL Keg, 1/6BBL Keg

UPC Code: 689926001201

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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, 12% ABV

A bourbon barrel-aged version of our Imperial Stout Old Viscosity

Enormously rich but satisfying beer, Older Viscosity is 100% straight Bourbon barrel-aged for a minimum of 9 months, taking full advantage of our Oak Aging program, adding levels of complexity and depth. The beer starts off with a coating of rich malts and dark chocolate and finishes in a dry bittersweet ending balanced by a firm bitter tone and warming notes from the alcohol. Available in 375 ml cork finished bottles

Availability: Year Around

Formats: 375ml Bottle, 1/6BBL Keg (Very limited)

UPC Code: 689926001058

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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, 12% ABV

Our bourbon barrel-aged version of Santa’s Little Helper, this Imperial Stout begins the journey with flavors of sweet bourbon and oak, continues with hints of nutty dark chocolate and malt and finishes with a smoky coffee finish. A perfect beer to leave for the Jolly Old Fat Man instead of milk and cookies.

Availability: July

Formats: 22oz Bottle, 1/2BBL Keg, 1/6BBL Keg

UPC Code: 689926000204

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